Montefalco Rosso Riserva Pipparello


60% Sangiovese,25% Montepulciano,15% Sagrantino

來看一下VIVINO 評價:”Absolutely stunning. Unique. Almost overwhelmingly, rich, with variety fruit, powerful tannies, a touch of oak and aftertaste lasting forever. Still going. Incredibly interesting aroma profile: wet forest floor, geranium sharpness, licorice, tar. There is something reminiscent of old school Rioja, but still not. Totally characteristic. The Sangiovese is there for sure. but much more complex. Altogether atop notch wine. Paolo bea for life. “ 要說Paolo Bea 是中義的五大,我覺得明顯低估了Paolo Bea 蘊含了美學的各種面向,温柔中的爆炸力跟爆炸中的温柔倒底是不是同一件事?其實彩虹的毎個角度都有他獨特的溫柔。

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