Graciano Grano a Grano


(100% Graciano) 架構十足,韻味細緻的 Graciano,還伴有頂級高級藥材的香氣,跟多樣性的花香,尤加利月桂冠等,極度地精緻再精緻,幽微再幽微。The 2018 Graciano Grano a Grano is nothing short of amazing, because I wonder how this variety that everybody says is very difficult to ripen can deliver a wine like this is a vintage like 2018. I think the answer is a lot of work in the vineyard, which is the secret of what Mendoza does. The wine is more elegant than ever, fine, fresh, balanced, nuanced and super tasty, vibrant and fresh, with 13.5% alcohol and a pH of 3.43. Brilliant… The finest Graciano in the world? It matured for 18 months in French oak barrels, now mostly 500-liter ones. 2,295 bottles were filled in March 2020. (2018, WA 97.)

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