(Garnacha Blanca, Malvasía, Tempranillo Blanco, Torrontés, Viura)The beauty of blending is that the combination of the five white varieties Mendoza works can often show better than the individual parts, as is again the case with the 2019 5V, which felt more complete, nuanced, deep and harmonious than any of its components. WA 95/ Showing aromas of saffron and wild herbs, it’s a creamy, complex, hauntingly oaked delight, with a spine of acidity and thrilling freshness and minerality. 結合了五大白葡萄的結構、酸度、力道、輕巧、奶油絲綢感、迷人香料,深邃中不失輕巧,迷幻中處處是生命力。