Sin Bulla


(100% Palomino) 七十年老藤,手工採摘。Very shy on stone fruit aromas, spiced, mineral, chalky and salty. Light and refreshing with a medium mouth feel. Savoury, spiced, mineral and salty, very salty. It makes you salivate. Short maceration with skis for 5 hours before manual pressing. 難以置信的清雅空靈,輕柔中難以掩蓋的無限張力,如果 UBE 表現的是礦物感力道的面向,Juan 走遍世界後交出的就是 Palomino 空靈礦物感的極致了,最難的就是柔有似無的酸度,跟輕巧至極,卻溫柔如水的撫慰了。