(Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara) Vivino 4.5: “Stunning wine. Can’t be called amarone as the RS too high but wow! Takes a long time to open up (their site recommends 8 hours for this one!) just so full of dried fruit (too many to list) but I love the intense floral notes you get from all l’arco wines. This is almost a 5!” Vivino 5.0: “Light nose with a fair amount of alcohol. Red fruit in the nose perhaps. Strong body with a lot of plum, dried fruit, oak, vanilla too perhaps. A lot of aromas nice and soft. Quite alcoholic but don’t feel it much. Low tannins , from red fruit. While high in alcohol we don’t feel it too much. Beautiful wine.” 陳年版的 Pietrus 擁有極致磅礡豪情的酒體但又細緻幽微的韻味,不管你是不是 Amarone 的粉絲,Luca 的每一系列都會讓你眼睛一亮!!!!


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