Odinstal Riesling Muschelkalk


Lobenberg: 95–97/100, On the palate wonderfully juicy, green apricot, lemon turned in salt. Beautiful tension with racy acid structure, explosive in the mouth entry, again herbs with woodruff and pink grapefruit, red currant. Very clear, very polished, overwhelming. Great Riesling fruit with great balance, very calm, but still with the citric energy of the limestone. Quite cheeky, expressive acid kick, which gives the muschelkalk riesling an electrifying vitality on the tongue, but is still beautifully embedded in the slightly creamy physique. Long, aromatic reverberation with very delicate tannin and a lot of animating, mouth-watering saltiness. The whole oral cavity is covered with lime. This cooler high-altitude terroir combines excellently with the juicy Mittelhaardt fruit, really a fantastic Riesling. Sensational fabric.

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