A blend based on a trio of grape varieties, mainly made from Antão Vaz, then supported by Rabo de Ovelha and Diagalves. For greater freshness, the harvest was made in two stages. In an initial phase, we harvested Rabo de Ovelha, leaving Antão Vaz and Diagalves for a later harvest. We wanted to maintain a profile of greater freshness, allied with a greater ripening of the fruit, which Antão Vaz allows us. Diagalves brought an additional complexity to the blend, both in terms of aroma and mouth volume. 老實說,從入門款白我就相當震驚 Tiago 卓越的控制力與創造力,高度集中平衡的果味,澎湃中不失優雅,層層疊遞,才放下杯子又忍不住懷念起杯中誘人性感的迷人之酒,更吃驚的是他瘋狂的性價比,我曾說過C 國際大賣場在500~1000的價位除了特色少了些跟缺乏一流釀酒師作品,他們的性價比其實不容易超越,但 Tiago 的這款作品超越了奇蹟,如果是法國知名產區的話應該是打到兩張小朋友以上的酒。