Alvarinho White


(100% Alvarinho) Vivino 4.0:  “Very aromatic with an emphasis on orange. In the mouth the acidity is very marked and very fruity with lemon, orange and apple. Excellent alvarinho. Fermented in stainless steel vat using battonage and stage in fine lees for 6 months. I believe I have made wine with strong varietal character, rustic and fresh, as well as round and aromatic, with the minerality. That I appreciate in this variety, whose elegance and particularity I find only in large varieties worldwide.” 18pts Revista de Vinhos (2019)/ Best Awards of the Year 2020 Revista de Vinhos. 作為有深度的日常用酒,Marcio 可以說難以超越,也不是說因為綠酒產區的酒比較親民,有時候你就需要一款各個面向都極度均勻,又酸度宜人,給你恰到好處陪伴的小家碧玉,也可以說是葡萄牙的類 Riesling, Chenin Blanc 的完美骨架,內斂又極度清新。