來⾃義⼤利中義托斯卡尼海岸孕育的最溫柔的Cabernet Franc. ”



“Ampeleia is one of the stars of the Tuscan coast…..At their best, the Ampeleia wines are among the most pure, transparent expressions of the coast readers will find. Elisabetta Foradori and her team are doing important work here. Ampeleia is a young estate. There is every reason to believe the best is yet to come.”


—Antonio Galloni, September 2014

Ampeleia 雖然是誕⽣於2002年的托斯卡尼新興酒莊,但莊主Elisabetta Foradori 早在1985年接⼿家族在東北義的酒莊事業,Foradori時,就採取全⾃然動⼒法的耕種⽅式,她被喻為是把古⽼品種Teroldego (近代DNA 鑑定與⿊⽪諾、Syrah有親戚關係) 釀的最細緻優雅的superstar 女性釀酒師,贏得許多國際酒評與媒體的認同。


Ampeliea 酒莊一開始購入時,超過一百公頃,但實際上使⽤得種植⾯積⼤概只有35公頃,酒莊位於Tuscany的西南邊,相對於Tuscany 最常⾒的葡萄品種Sangiovese,莊主選擇更適合這裡氣候與⼟壤的Nero Alicante (Grenache), Mourvedre, Carignan, Cabernet Franc,還有一點Sangiovese.


Nero Alicante( Grenache)MouvedreCarignan、主要種植於200~350 meters 的葡萄園,Cabernet Franc 則種植於450~600 meters ⾼的葡萄園。2011 年出版的 “1000 Great Every day Wines from the World’s best Wineries” 裡也曾介紹過酒莊的中階酒款。


著名的酒評家 Antonio Galloni 也給了 2009 Ampeleia 旗艦款 94分:“The 2009 Ampeleia is the most striking wine I have ever tasted from Ampeleia. A blast of rich, dark fruit hits the palate, followed by exotic espresso, sage and sweet spices. There is a wild, unrestrained quality to the 2009 that separates it from most wines being made on the Tuscan coast today. Layers of fruit build to the rich, voluminous finish. This is a fabulous effort. Ampeleia is 60% Cabernet Franc and 15% Sangiovese, plus an assortment of other red grapes grown on the property. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2021.”



酒莊的旗艦款——Ampeleia,到2013/2014 這兩個年份時,除了主⼒品種約95% Cabernet Franc 還有加了約5%Sangiovese,從2015年開始,就採取100%Cabernet Franc 釀造,⽬標釀造成全義⼤利最純淨優雅,渾圓細膩的Cabernet Franc

幾年前與葡萄酒講談社義⼤利酒專家屈⽼師的酒聚上,Ampeleia 也以獨特的乾淨平衡,嫵媚誘⼈的異國⾹料感魅⼒,在一群義⼤利名酒中,依然⼤放光彩,甚至是一兩個酒友⼼中當天晚上的WOTN